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Welcome to Insurance Dimensions, a full service, independent broker, providing health insurance to large and small businesses, individuals and families. With ever-changing conditions in the health insurance industry, different options in coverages and deductibles, and continual new laws affecting your obligations and rights, business owners and individuals need an independent, knowledgeable professional to provide information and recommendations to you.

Our service philosophy is to provide complete, up-to-date information about insurance conditions tailored to your individual or company needs. We want to provide the options, information and recommendations you need to help you make informed personal decisions about your health care needs.

Insurance Updates

How to Locate a Missing Life Insurance Policy

Maybe you’ve been named executor of the estate of your very wealthy but very disorganized uncle. Or maybe your relative’s valuable papers have been destroyed or lost in a fire, flood or move. In either case, you know a life insurance policy exists somewhere but you can’t find it. What can you do? Life insurers […]

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Obamacare Subsidies on Trial

The Supreme Court recently released its opinion in King v. Burwell. The decision went in favor of the Obama administration, upholding the legality of the subsidies created by the Affordable Care Act. The Court Case Proponents of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges—and a majority of the people who buy coverage on them—can breathe […]

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Can You Afford to Retire?

Americans are generally more confident in their ability to afford retirement than they were last year. But many aren’t taking steps to achieve that goal. The 2015 Retirement Confidence Survey found that the percentage of American workers who were very confident they would have enough money for a comfortable retirement increased again in 2015. In […]

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