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Welcome to Insurance Dimensions, a full service, independent broker, providing health insurance to large and small businesses, individuals and families. With ever-changing conditions in the health insurance industry, different options in coverages and deductibles, and continual new laws affecting your obligations and rights, business owners and individuals need an independent, knowledgeable professional to provide information and recommendations to you.

Our service philosophy is to provide complete, up-to-date information about insurance conditions tailored to your individual or company needs. We want to provide the options, information and recommendations you need to help you make informed personal decisions about your health care needs.

Insurance Updates

Term Life Insurance: A Bargain-Hunter’s Dream?

The average cost of term life insurance has been dropping over the last several years. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your coverage, consider adding a term life insurance policy to your financial portfolio. Value Penguin, a provider of consumer information, recently released a study of average term insurance costs by age. For […]

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The ABCs of Health Insurance

Annual Limit: A cap on the benefits your insurance will pay in a year. Under the Affordable Care Act, health plans can no longer place annual maximums on benefits. They can limit certain non-essential covered services or the number of visits they will cover for a particular service. After you reach the limit, you must […]

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How To Plan for Long-Term Care Needs

About 70 percent of people over age 65 will require some type of long-term care services during their lifetime. More than 40 percent will need care in a nursing home. Planning ahead for the care needs of yourself or a family member can reduce stress and ensure funds are available when needed. You need long-term […]

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