The Ultimate SBI Simply Save Master Credit Card Review

Oct 10, 2023


Welcome to Investment Cover's comprehensive review of the SBI Simply Save Master Credit Card. If you're looking for a reliable and rewarding financial tool, this credit card might just be what you need. In this article, we will explore the benefits, features, and advantages of this remarkable credit card, helping you make an informed decision on your financial journey.

1. What is SBI Simply Save Master Credit Card?

The SBI Simply Save Master Credit Card is a prime offering from the State Bank of India, providing individuals with a convenient and flexible way to manage their expenses. This credit card is designed to simplify your financial transactions while offering attractive rewards and exclusive benefits.

2. Benefits and Features

2.1 Enhanced Rewards Program

With the SBI Simply Save Master Credit Card, you can earn reward points on every retail purchase. These reward points can be redeemed for a wide range of options including merchandise, gift vouchers, and even direct bill payment. The more you spend, the more you earn, making this card an excellent choice for your everyday expenses.

2.2 Fuel Surcharge Waiver

One of the standout features of this credit card is the fuel surcharge waiver. For all fuel transactions between INR 500 and INR 3,000, you can enjoy a complete waiver on the 1% fuel surcharge when using the SBI Simply Save Master Credit Card. This feature helps you save money on fuel expenses and adds to the overall convenience of the card.

2.3 Easy Bill Payments

Investment Cover understands the importance of hassle-free bill payments. The SBI Simply Save Master Credit Card allows you to pay bills directly through the Easy Bill Pay facility, eliminating the need for multiple transactions and ensuring timely payments.

3. Financial Flexibility

3.1 Credit Limit

This credit card provides a competitive credit limit, giving you the freedom to make significant purchases and manage your expenses with ease. The credit limit offered is based on individual eligibility and financial history.

3.2 Balance Transfer Facility

If you have outstanding credit card dues with other banks, SBI Simply Save Master Credit Card provides a balance transfer facility with attractive interest rates. Consolidating your debts becomes easier and more cost-effective, helping you regain control of your finances.

4. Enhanced Security

The SBI Simply Save Master Credit Card prioritizes your security and provides multiple layers of protection to safeguard your transactions. The credit card is embedded with an EMV chip, providing enhanced security against fraudulent activities and unauthorized use.

5. Fees and Charges

Investment Cover believes in complete transparency when it comes to fees and charges. Before opting for any financial tool, it's essential to consider the associated costs:

5.1 Annual Fee

The annual fee for the SBI Simply Save Master Credit Card is INR 499 plus applicable taxes. However, the annual fee is waived off for the first four years, making it an attractive and cost-effective option.

5.2 Interest Rates

The interest rate on this credit card is subject to factors such as repayment behavior and utilization patterns. To avoid unnecessary interest, we recommend paying your outstanding balances consistently and on time.


In conclusion, the SBI Simply Save Master Credit Card offered by Investment Cover presents a compelling financial solution for individuals looking for convenience, flexibility, and exciting rewards. With its enhanced reward program, fuel surcharge waiver, easy bill payments, and numerous other features, this credit card is a valuable addition to your wallet. Take advantage of the financial freedom and security offered by this card and elevate your financial journey with Investment Cover.

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sbi simply save master credit card review
Wilbert Pierrelouis
That's great to hear! The SBI Simply Save Master Credit Card offers amazing rewards and benefits that can definitely enhance your financial journey. Make sure to carefully read the details and requirements before applying, so you can fully maximize the advantages of this card. It's always wise to do your research and compare different options to find the best fit for your needs. Good luck with your application, and enjoy the rewards!
Nov 9, 2023
Kim Rix
I can't wait to apply for this card and start reaping the rewards!
Nov 7, 2023
Mike Rickard
Impressive rewards and benefits!
Nov 1, 2023
This is amazing! 😍
Oct 28, 2023
Terri Gorman
Great review! This credit card seems like a game-changer!
Oct 23, 2023
Fat Noodle
This review provides a thorough analysis of the SBI Simply Save Master Credit Card 🌟 A reliable and rewarding financial tool!
Oct 14, 2023