Plasma Under Eye Filler for Youthful and Radiant Eyes

Nov 18, 2023


Knott's Dermatology, a trusted name in the field of Beauty & Spas, Medical Spas, and Dermatology, is proud to present an extraordinary solution for enhancing the appearance of your eyes - the revolutionary plasma under eye filler. This cutting-edge treatment has gained immense popularity due to its remarkable ability to rejuvenate and revitalize the delicate under-eye area, helping you achieve youthful and radiant eyes.

The Benefits of Plasma Under Eye Filler

Plasma under eye filler is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure specifically designed to address common concerns such as dark circles, hollowness, fine lines, and puffiness around the eyes. By stimulating collagen production and promoting skin regeneration, this treatment offers several benefits:

  • Improved Under-Eye Hollows: Plasma under eye filler effectively fills in hollow areas, restoring volume and reducing the appearance of sunken under-eyes.
  • Reduction of Dark Circles: This innovative treatment minimizes the appearance of dark circles, giving your eyes a refreshed and revitalized look.
  • Smoothing Fine Lines: Say goodbye to crow's feet and fine lines with plasma under eye filler, as it helps to smooth and plump the delicate skin around your eyes, resulting in a more youthful appearance.
  • Reduction of Puffiness: By promoting lymphatic drainage, plasma under eye filler diminishes puffiness and swelling, giving your eyes a rejuvenated and rested look.

The Plasma Under Eye Filler Procedure

The procedure begins with a thorough consultation with our highly skilled and experienced dermatologists. They will assess your individual requirements, answer any questions you may have, and determine your suitability for the treatment.

Plasma under eye filler is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the following steps:

  1. Preparation: The treatment area is cleansed, and a topical anesthetic is applied to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.
  2. Plasma Application: Plasma, rich in growth factors and nutrients, is carefully injected into the targeted areas beneath your eyes using ultra-fine needles. The specialized formula promotes collagen production and triggers natural healing processes.
  3. Post-Treatment Care: After the procedure, our dermatologists provide detailed instructions on how to care for your under-eye area. This may include avoiding strenuous activities, applying a soothing cream, and using sun protection.

Success Stories and Testimonials

We take immense pride in the success and positive outcomes that our patients have experienced with plasma under eye filler. Here are a few testimonials from our satisfied clients:

"I had always struggled with dark circles and tired-looking eyes. After undergoing plasma under eye filler at Knott's Dermatology, I can confidently say my eyes have never looked better. The results are truly remarkable!" - Sarah F.

"I was hesitant about trying any cosmetic procedure, but after thoroughly researching and consulting with the experts at Knott's Dermatology, I decided to give plasma under eye filler a try. I am thrilled with the results! My under-eye hollows have significantly improved, making me look more refreshed and youthful." - Michael R.


If you desire a more youthful and radiant appearance for your eyes, plasma under eye filler offered by Knott's Dermatology is an excellent solution. With its numerous benefits, this non-surgical treatment can help you regain your confidence and achieve the rejuvenated look you've always wanted. Consult with our expert dermatologists today and take the first step towards younger-looking eyes!